How the Dynasty was Built


House of Hunan opened it’s doors in 1983 hoping to win the hearts of the people in the city of Omaha.  Owners, Michael and Rose Liu, brought their sauces and unique style of cooking to share with the Chinese food enthusiasts of the city.  Now almost thirty years later they are still serving Omaha proudly. General manager, David Liu, says “Omaha has made it so wonderful for us.”

House of Hunan brings over 120 dishes to their menu with many original sauces that were introduced and created by Michael Liu.  Though the years have passed and places have modernized, House of Hunan still brings the family dining experience as well as the original Chinese restaurant feel. Whether you are veteran customer or looking for a new favorite Chinese restaurant, we would like to invite you down and show you why House of Hunan is truly The Elite of Chinese Restaurants.